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‘Speak up! How to develop confidence & align business expectations for you and your client.’

22 July 2015

Here’s my talk from the Crafty Business Networking event at the Barnsley Civic Cafe on the 15th July 2015, Run by

I talked about how difficult socialising and networking can be for introverted creatives, it’s really easy to fall into group think mode and wait for others to lead the direction of your business. Some ingrained behaviours and evolutionary social programming can have its way if we don’t speak up and ask for what we really want. I’m fascinated with communication and making sure i’m always having a 2 way dialogue with my clients.

All my successful moments have come from my clients and me having equal expectations and all my not-so-succesful ones, are usually a result of one or both of us not asking for what they truly want, people hiding and agenda or expectations being out of line with reality. I dive in deep talking about how social reasoning shuts out our logical forward thinking brain in favour of group think whenever we are in social mode. Finally finishing with a few tips on better audience communication.

“I’d like to say lets not leave asking to hindsight. We don’t need confidence to speak up, I say it a lot but confidence is just situational competence. If we ask enough of ourselves we’ll become competent in asking. In a world where we’re judged for everything we do, let the volume and quality of our work be only judged on the fact that we had the competence to ask for what we want, then move forward and make that project happen.”


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