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Resistance Is lying & Always Full Of Bullshit!!

1 April 2015
war of art

Getting it will come packaged with so much fear that it will have you standing frozen like the proverbial rabbit in headlights. That’s one squished dead rabbit.


I’ve been reading a book called ‘The War of Art: Break through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Inner Battles’ by Steven Pressfield. Steven’s main focus throughout is to reveal the resistance that manifests itself in procrastination and how life constantly gets in the way of our inner genius. It’s an easy and fun read for anyone who finds themselves in creative lulls during spells of procrastination.


So, let’s talk about the importance of acknowledging your own resistance in trying to move your creative projects forward, how you can deal with the self-limiting talk that is holding you back and how to move forward whether you’re feeling inspired or not. The challenge of being technically good is far from the hardest thing you face as a creative person. What is far more difficult is actually making a start – putting that brush to the canvas or clicking that shutter. I often see people bail on things that are important to them – the illustrator who needs to sharpen his pencil or the song-writer who doesn’t compose.


Most of us are ignorant to the kind of resistance we face. Steven states “from age 22 to 32, resistance had been kicking my arse and I didn’t even realise it”. I think it’s super important to be on top of this as a creative and will result in packing more efficiency into your working day.


A funny analogy in the book is how Adolf Hitler moved to Vienna to study art and architecture yet hardly any of us have seen the fruits of his passion. Instead, it was easier for him to curate World War 2 than to create a masterpiece. Which opens up a huge question – what are you doing today towards building your legacy in your creative passion? The answer, if we are completely honest, is probably not that much. I mean, not to endorse one of the most evil men in history but at least he was remembered for something! You’re in danger of not being remembered at all unless you start breaking through your creative blocks. So what’s stopping you?


Resistance rears its ugly head at the pursuit of any calling within performing arts or entrepreneurial ventures. It’s there to lead us astray when anything is not instantly gratifying. It’s always scraping its way in using whatever holds more meaning for us and is usually prevalent when our goal isn’t the easy option. Resistance forces us into a quick fix. Instead of saying ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’, take action today for something you’ve always wanted to do or be.


So what is resistance all about? The culprits’ weapon of choice is using your self-talk against you and it’s keeping you from following through with your goals. Some of this self-talk is quite rightly true, but too much is fear based rationalisation, self-generated and self-perpetrated. All too often if there’s something you really want, getting it will come packaged with so much fear that it will have you standing frozen like the proverbial rabbit in headlights. That’s one squished dead rabbit.


Fear and resistance are like brothers.


There’s a good reason why we’re scared of our passions. If something means very little to us, there’s a good chance that all we would feel is indifference towards it. But the fear is like a green light giving you the permission to go! All the successful professionals I have spoken to know how to harness that resistance, even if their fear never goes away. Most amateurs usually find comfort in the fabrication of a rational reason, ask themselves why NOT then don’t follow through, keeping them held back.


“the more important a call to action is to our souls evolution, the more resistance we will find towards perusing it”. – Pressfield


The most successful people know all about fear and its ugly brother; they know that resistance doesn’t ever go away. They just face it and move past it everyday into their creative zones. Sometimes a project can seem almost destined to remain unfinished. The closer you get to the finish line the more difficult it can become. I have learnt this the hard way with a few too many projects that have NOT seen the light of day. And I’ve had to kick my own arse on multiple occasions in the fight to make projects happen.


On the flipside, people who have already achieved some form of success can manifest their resistance in an even more peculiar way. Their passion becomes diluted leaving them too scared to tread any form of new ground. Proving that, yet again, being comfortable is not necessarily the answer.


The battle is meant to be fought and everyday at that!


Fantasising is nothing but giving into your resistance. Ideas are so abundant and everyone is rewarded with fresh ideas everyday. The difference between successful professionals and dreamy-eyed amateurs is the ability to see the idea through. Making a start and then, bit-by-bit, beating the odds stacked against you to make it to the finish line will allow you creative success. There’s no better time than now to make a start in the right direction. Being at your best with your creative productivity starts today.


Check out the link below and grab a copy.

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