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Ep008: Cory Schop | Niche Markets & The 7 Times Rule To Audience Participation |, Krakow.

18 November 2015

In todays interview I’m talking with my good friend Cory Schop.


Originally from Canada, he’s been a serial entrepreneur for the last 12 years, firstly a web designer, then a consultant, an affiliate marketer and a founder of several large companies. He started out with an interest in SEO, where he’d buy websites, flip them and sell them on for profit. His previous companies include Spheric Technologies, where he got to work alongside Dan Martell (who is one of Canada’s most big-time angel investors). I met Cory while here in Krakow and we immediately hit off talking about Internet businesses and working online from anywhere in the world. He’d just arrived from Budapest to start work on his new clothing brand ‘Roodie’, a company specifically designed to appeal to women pet owners. He is now setting off to join his business partner in Puerto Rico for a life on the beach, which is pretty awesome. So I’m glad I got chance to spend some quality time with him over the last 2 months and record this interview.


Whether you like the idea of affiliate marketing or not, Cory is a master at selling online. So there’s lots of applicable stuff you can apply to whatever creative business you do. In this episode we’re going to talk about;


  • The pros and cons of both paid and organic Internet traffic and the lack of a fix-all magic-pill when it comes to marketing.
  • Selecting a niche audience by creating an avatar for your buyer.
  • Reaping rewards by making real connections with audiences on social media and allowing them to see you as a person not just a seller.
  • Split testing and analyzing why and when your audience is switching off from your content.
  • The 7 times rule for audience engagement and them seeing your message.


We’re also going to be diving deep into the kind of mentality that keeps successful entrepreneurs going year after year, things like;


  • Being persistent and sticking with your creative business through tough times,
  • Bouncing back after huge failure by putting negativity aside.
  • Legal application and setting up every project to be more bulletproof should things turn bad.
  • Travelling and developing people skills, creating new habits and eliminating pain points by being conscious of your environment.

That was a pretty sweet episode, I especially loved the 7 times rule to engagement. It goes to show, to get better organic attention that cuts through the noise, you have to keep putting out consistent content all the time for your message to be heard. There really is no easy fix other than putting in the work and selectively targeting your audience well. I’m quite an analytical guy so seeing Cory’s almost scientific approach to gathering data on his audiences with the technologies he suggests, points clear to how we should be applying those skills in our creative projects to yield greater returns. And it never hurts to be more protective about your business and get agreements in writing from the word go. Both Cory and myself have been burnt too many times by ignoring the importance of a proper contract. Maybe after watching this show, you’ll be more careful about this too.


Positivity and habit building, it ‘s always a strong talking point and I could talk about that stuff all day, but for now I hope you got a lot out of this episode. Be sure to Check out Cory’s new project at


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