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Ep007: Vu Tran | Dropping Out of Medical School To Create Tech Start-Ups

16 October 2015

In todays interview I’m talking with my good friend Vu Tran


Vu is a former resident of the Y-Combinator program in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, he’s previously run 3 starts-ups, with his last one grabbing him a hefty 7 figure venture capitol investment. He’s currently specialising in email artificial intelligence with his app SlideMail, he plans on making all our inbox’s a much more bearable place.


Since we are living in the same city here in Poland I had to get Vu on the show to share some of his San-Fran tech experience.


We are going to be talking about.

  1. Getting lost in organisation has a creative, finding that a problem, then delivering a solution to help others.
  2. How he quit medical school and formal education to follow his dreams in silicon valley.
  3. Applying for jobs at other start-ups.
  4. Mentors and how to go about getting the best out of your apprenticeship by adding value to busy people’s lives and the importance of just showing up and not being a leach.
  5. Finishing up talking about travel, moving, socialising and meeting people in countries where the economics allow for an easier life balance and why it’s important to set yourself up for the long run, then persevere while your competition gives up.



Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it. It’s a really difficult to get venture capitol investment in a business, especially in the noise and competition of Vu’s San Fransisco peers, you can tell his mentors and the V.C.’s who have invested both time and money in him, have done so because he’s such a cool laid back guy that is great to hang out with and can be trusted work is arse off to get the job done.


I love the part about perseverance, winning the long game by being a tortoise on speed instead of the hare stopping from exhaustion and napping.


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