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Ep005: Richard Middleton | Socially Connecting And Approaching People You Don’t Know | Social Artist, Leeds

11 May 2015


In today’s interview I’m talking with my good buddy Richard Middleton from, Richard is a Social Dynamics coach helping people build stronger connections with others. We’ve both coached clients together on quite a few occasion, as well as co run a few focus and mastermind groups on this content. He’s someone I regular bounce ideas off of and I can put trust behind his work. So you should too. After recently selling his sound and staging business he’s now committed to helping people who are struggling with their social anxiety and social confidence.


We are going to be talking about:


  • How people are not born with these kind of social skills, they learn them and you can develop yours to be a charismatic, confident and charming person that will make a difference to your creative business,
  • Making new friends and bridging the gaps of old friendships by finding common interests and building rapport,
  • How our fears are usually founded in irrational thinking, what we think is going to happen in conversation is usually not the case.
  • One of Richard’s great tricks for approaching new people, Having talks with your future self and letting them do all the hard work – that’s a bizarre idea, but it really works,
  • How to apply the 80/20 principle to your social life and treat it like a work out so you’re always in the mood to chat,
  • And finally pushing past your comfort zone and taking risks.



Since selling his business Richard has been living and breathing this material, going out coaching in different countries where the language barrier has been a problem. Proving that when you’re communicating, words are not the most important thing. I still really like the conversations with your future self; they really eliminate the stress of putting one foot in front of the other and breaking out of your introverted shell. I also love how he ease’s his clients into taking small steps and to build up levels of abundance and positive references, that can then be used to prove making great relationships and bonds with just about anyone is possible. And you don’t have to be born this way either it’s something that Richards proved here – you can learn.


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For more informations about Richard and Social Artist check out;


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