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Ep004: Alex Fitzpatrick | Running The DIY Hardcore Label | Holy Roar Records, London

25 April 2015

In todays episode I’m talking with my good buddy Alex Fitzpatrick from Holy Roar Records.

HR is turning 10 years old pretty soon and is one of the UK’s leading alternative music labels. Alex is always ahead of his competition because he’s trendsetter, not a crowd follower. He only releases music he personally loves, by people that he respects, but still manages to maintain a loyal audience that regularly buys all that he puts out. Holy Roar’s Artists represent a pioneering underground movement that always shapes the future of mainstream music. I’ve recorded many of his releases and know first hand how good he manages his business and how passionate he is about the bands that he works with.


We recently met up for dinner and a few choice whiskeys and had a great chat about;

  • Doing a bunch of the legwork before expecting someone to do the work for you,
  • Organically growing friendships that lead to reciprocating business relationships,
  • Surrounding yourself with skilled creatives,
  • Stress free business growth and employing people to get the job done effectively,
  • Immersion and research of the people you want to work with,
  • Emailing, How to not sound desperate or stupid,
  • Audience building and consistently putting out content,
  • How to be the pioneer of your passion and then shape the mainstream, not follow it.



I especially loved all those email tips, Alex’s inbox is full everyday with bands wanting him to check out their stuff. Because of this, it’s not often you get a record company telling you about their filter process and what makes it through. Turns out, it’s all about communicating authentically and adding value wherever you can. It goes to show that a bit of immersion and research about the person you want to work with goes a long way. There’s so much more to running a record label than it appears on the outside but at the heart of this multifaceted job is a core built on relationships and being a good people person. Alex has managed to grow his business over a decade, releasing 140 records simply by using these skills that everyday he improves upon. His abilities to push boundaries with his releases and the communication he has with such a loyal audience is what will keep Holy Roar at the front of UK alternative music for another 10 years to come.


Be sure to check out Alex at


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