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Ep003: Will Bowerman | Session Drumming And Networking Around The World PT.2 | L.A./UK

3 April 2015

Todays interview is pretty awesome, last week I was out in Los Angeles both for business and a bit of relax time. While I was there I got to have an awesome catch up with my good buddy William Bowerman, He’s is a international session drummer mostly known for his work with LaRoux, he’s appeared on charting records, main stream television and played venues most people only dream of. We had a great day hanging out at the observatory in Griffith Park up near the Hollywood sign and decided to capture some cool things we’d talked about.We ventured onto the roof of the planetarium to soak up the sweet view of L.A and have this awesome chat.

It’s kind of a long one so the video is split into 2 parts, If you haven’t already go back and check out the episode before this one. In this episode we are going to be talking about;

  • Making jokes and then landing the job of a lifetime without ever showing a hint of your talent,
  • Surrounding yourself with people in the direction you want to head in,
  • Allowing the world to see you in the right aesthetic light and branding yourself like a business,
  • Stepping outside of your limitations and developing tastes in areas that can be financially sound, then allowing yourself creative space,
  • Some tips on work and life balance, relaxing and seeing your friends more.

Out of the near 10 years I’ve known Will, I never knew that story about how he got the job with Laroux. It’s amazing and totally proves what I’m talking about here with Endless Wave Dynamics. People do buy you more so than your talent. Bridging the conversation with his jokes landed him that opportunity that paved the way for the rest of his career. Then branding himself creatively has allowed him to maintain the momentum. I liked the stuff about pop music, I come from the punk rock background where the words ‘sell-out’ gets thrown around a lot. I know Will has battled with that himself but is now very happy about the decisions he’s made. He gets to play drums in well paying career that allows him to live a very inspiring lifestyle.

I loved this and hope you did too, check out part 1 of this interview if you didn’t already. We cover; finding your own path – not following someone else’s, building relationships that get you there, influencers and mentors and tour bus living.

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