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Ep002: Tom Crawshaw | Avoiding Burn Out & Allowing Freedom In Your Businesses | PT Mastermind

1 April 2015

In this episode of the podcast I’m interviewing my good buddy Tom Crawshaw of PT Mastermind, He’s a no1. Selling author on amazon with his book for fitness professionals and Facebook leads. He helps the business growth of fitness’s entrepreneurs and turns what they are doing into large scalable, sellable businesses. He also jumps out of planes in Dubai on regular basis so he understands facing fear of literally jumping outside of his comfort zone.
Tom is here to share some practical advice for;

1. Creative people taking a hobby into a profession,

2. Avoiding burn outs and managing your time,

3. Dealing with the loneliness of being a creator,

4. Stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to new people,

5. Some great Natural conversation tips,

6. Some Essential rapport building skills.



The thing about valuing yourself and your work is huge. He’s right too many of us don’t value our own work. I can see being social works so well for Tom, he’s become such a people person, that clients want to work with him time and time again. Whatever your creativity, we all value that bit space to allow our work to flow. I love the insights he shares here towards setting up more freedom that will allow for that. Going from a lonely creative to an abundant leader by getting out there and making things happen. And of course some great conversational tips in here too.I’m glad tom could find time to share his approach to being a creative,


Check out the links to find out more about tom and PT Mastermind.


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