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Ep014: Jamie Delerict | Addictive Personalities, Meditation and Gratitude

2 April 2016

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Jamie Delerict, He’s a singer and frontman of a punk rock n’ roll group JD and the FDC’s also tour manager, driver, merchandise manager and basically a self confessed jack of all trades for a lot of big well know bands and artists, such as The Misfits.

Jamie’s journey as been very inspiring. A recovering alcoholic with 10 years’ sobriety. He’s been working in the music industry non stop for the last 25 years and gained more than just a great network by building amazing relationships with some really top players in the music industry. I thought I get him on the show to share some of the topics that we regularly chat about when we hang out. There’s lots of gold here.


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We’re going to be talking about;

  • Addictive personalities and the problems that artists regularly face like; depression, over sensitivity, not being able accept criticism.
  • Talking about his rehabilitation process through AA and controlling the showbiz mask, the bad habits and the tears of clown that live within every artist.
  • He does that by practicing meditation, gratitude, keeping a little book of positivity and his use of flow states and sharing with mentors.
  • Finally, some hustle tips from his days as a direct sales person and how he became renown on the road for selling more than most behind the merchandise table.



SO… such a deep episode, this is one of my favourites so far, I wasn’t expecting it. Not just cause he’s one of my best friends but because there’s so much to be taken away. Especially when it comes to life transformation. I really resonate with the addictive personalities part, I think as creative artists, we all feel locked in and being so passionate about what we are making that other things in life generally take a back seat. It’s really sad to see when things like health, both physically and mentally fall short of our craft. Also friendships and relationships and even success can all be affected negatively.

Jamie has given us some powerful ways to become grounded and spread the love to other areas of our lives and like he said ‘become aerodynamic to life’s none sense’. From this episode I’ve got a real sense of not taking anything for granted but really appreciating the journey. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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You can find Jamie’s work at

Or on YouTube

Check out the first record ‘Recognise’ which I produced, mixed and recorded










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