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Ep013: Ankush Jain | Creativity Like A Child

25 March 2016

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Ankush Jain, he’s a coach, trainer and public speaker specialising in relationships and the principles behind our state of mind. He, like me runs a podcast and speaks at conferences all over the world and helps his clients to connect with others, both in a business and in personal relationships. He is a certified clarity mentor and also trains other coaches to grow their businesses.

I originally met Ankush a few years ago when he became part of an online mastermind group that I run. I quickly realised how sharp and spot on his advice is and we share very similar opinions when it comes to building relationships and how we connect to others. I figured I’d get him on here to share some of his great advice.

We’re going to be talking about;

  • How most people believe we are a fixed entity with our personalities and what we can do to challenge those beliefs.
  • How we are all born with the ability to connect even if we don’t believe we have that skill, Ankush show’s us how to uncover what we do have without building fake beliefs on top.
  • How we filter ourselves more as we get older and how as a child we have all the creativity in the world and usually want to show it off, that’s until it’s beaten out of us!
  • We talk about a majority of people undervaluing their creativity and Ankush shows us ways to strengthen our mind-set enough to stop accepting no for an answer.
  • Again we touch on motivation being an excuse and how it’s the lazy mans version of commitment.
  • We talk about the power of just asking and how reaching out usually gets the ball rolling
  • Finally, he gives us the real key to providing authenticity and proper value services to your clients by being a trust worthy giver not a taker.



That was a pretty sweet episode. I loved the part where he likened our creativity to being like a child. He’s right every kid wants to show their work and it’s not until later life that we decide we are not good enough to be an artist or musician etc. Usually our own beliefs can be pretty harsh and hold us like a prisoner. Un-filtering ourselves and connecting to our inner child can have us uncovering our natural abilities to both connect in relationships and be more creative in our work.

Something that we both talk about a lot is quantity vs quality. Here Ankush proves that providing quality over quantity avoids making shallow connections and gives more to a life time customer by having an abundance of authenticity.

I’m glad I was able to make this episode, I hope you got a lot out of it. I really enjoyed it too.

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