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Ep012: Bob Wynne | Networking Without Skipping A Beat

16 March 2016

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Bob Wynne. He’s a drum teacher and owns his own music school called Rhythm Inc. In South Yorkshire, UK.

He’s been playing drums since the age of 9, so that means he’s been actively involved in music for the better part of 30 years. I thought it would be cool to chat with him about his journey of setting up a business when he was 24, up to now and all his challenges in between. Making a living in music can be difficult so it’s great to have Bob on the show to share some of his advice.

We are going to be talking about;

  • The misnomer of creative businesses and the challenging balance between creating a craft and running the demanding business side that is often outside of our skill-set and how they don’t usually go hand in hand but what we can do to bridge the gap.
  • How we usually stretch our selves too thin, being blinded by making the wrong kind of deal and how to negotiate friend and family prices by being transparent and honest. And how that can sometimes lead to a career change by being adaptable within your industry.
  • The importance of putting a worth on your time and using money as a leverage. Comparing a music lesson to a trip to the doctors and how easy it can be to cave in and be soft when talking money with your clients.
  • Working on a YouTube channel to make our business more sustainable and scalable and bringing other companies in to share value.
  • Being a giver, not a taker and how that dramatically increases Bob’s networking ability. This includes cold approaching techniques and how to find support from bigger people in your industry by offering services that can be mutually beneficial.
  • Finally, some tips on mentoring and passing the torch down and only offering value to your clients with a grass routes connection to the people that you work for.



So… that was a great episode! It’s not that easy to set up a business in the creative arts world and Bob shows us that here. I love the bit about the pointless genius that no one knows and how we can go about putting more important people in our lives by gifting without expectation and continually providing a value service. Then coming together in a relationship that is mutually beneficial. People genuinely don’t expect generosity these days and if it’s easy for you to give, why you should be the one providing solutions to their problems.

We’ve all under priced ourselves at some point and Bob raises some fair points about valuing time over money. There’s some great tips about scaling your business with a YouTube channel and passing on the torch to younger less experienced people by being a mentor and allowing them to grow in the same way you have.

I hope you enjoyed this episode.

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