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Ep010: Bart De Zeeuw | Setting Up Your Creative Day For Success

22 December 2015

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Bart de Zeeuw from www.effectieve whiteboard Originally from the Netherlands, Bart owns a video company specializing in informational sales videos. Those animated whiteboard and typography videos that you will have seen appearing more and more on most landing pages and websites.


As current participant of Timothy Marc’s Secret Society Mastermind, Bart is nailing it right now, not just in business but in every area of his life. He’s committed to bettering himself and has developed some great habits that setup his day to be the most creative every day. So I had to get him on the show to give us some tips.


We’re going to be talking about;

  • How the words ‘freedom business’ have been hi-jacked by people who want the ‘easy-life’, not the ‘good-life’ and how hard you really have to work to come out on top.
  • Bart will be telling us how to write accurate problem descriptions and project proposals. Then how to make videos that grab and keep your customers attention, while driving sales with effective calls to action.
  • We then turn our attention to branding and how we identify ourselves in the kinds of websites that we choose to buy from.
  • How to set up your day for success and developing stronger habits by attacking failures with persistence then tweaking what works, while developing smart habits to avoid what doesn’t. This includes swapping your reactive mindset for a productive one.
  • Bart will also be showing you how to get the most out of your time with effective short and long-term goal setting. You’ll be keeping yourselves on track by asking ‘why’ and stopping yourselves from falling back into unproductive habits.
  • And finally some travel talk, opening your mind and stepping out of your comfort zone by travelling to different countries and experiencing different cultures.

I’m really impressed with how Bart and a few of my friends in the SSM freedom business community go about setting up their day to achieve optimal success. He stacks; health, fitness, nutrition, meditation, education, rest and planning all into a tight routine that’s proving to work well for him. Working from anywhere in the world, he gets to give his business the ultimate environment for creative fruition.

Using basic psychology to get into the minds of potential customers is always a great talking point. I love Bart’s suggestions for writing problem descriptions and project proposals to clients to allow them to see you as an authority figure. Then using some rapport-building skills to allow your client to know that you understand their businesses true intent.


Also those branding tips got me really thinking about; what we sometimes think is a cool website design might not be the best option and it maybe better to research into what clients would prefer when loading your page.


So yeah some awesome tips in this episode that I hope you get a lot out of…

Be sure to Check out all what Bart’s got going on at

http://www.effectieve whiteboard


Check out Model Railway Exhibition at https://model railway exhibition.










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