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Ep009: Trevor ToeCracker Crook | How To Reframe Sentences For A Better Creative Business

4 December 2015

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Trevor Crook of Originally from Australia, Trevor is a world renown copy-writer and direct response marketer, where he specialises in using psychology to trigger sales.


As a former Mentee of Ted Nicholas (The 8 Billion Dollar Man), he’s stood on many international stages as a keynote speaker along side other top marketing peers like; Ed Dale, Frank Kern, Matt Furry etc. He also runs his own mentorship copy-write master classes and is known for his work with the higher echelon of society, notably Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama, whilst bringing his crude side to classy events like the Grammy’s (both stories included). Trevor has a wealth of knowledge he’s going to be sharing here in this episode.. We’re going to be talking about;


  • How to identify audiences in different cultures and explore the common buying behaviours for different markets in different countries?


  • Practical exercises for reframing sentences, something called implied benefits for buyers and how it can be applied in networking too.


  • Some powerful social media cheats, that’s selling by telling stories and some hash tag tips too.


  • The power of hand written notes and journaling, how we can use it to overcome writers block by connecting to our emotions, removing filters when writing letters and using good old fashioned pen and paper instead. This also includes a great story about a marriage proposal during one of his speaking engagements. Which is pretty cool.


  • And finally some networking tips; by being a giver not a taker and how other people’s opinions of you can go a long way to identifying your own issues.

I really liked him debunking business cards; I’ve never used them myself and don’t see the value in them either. He thinks the same as me; by communicating your passions and being a more memorable genuine person, then exchanging numbers once you’ve actually made a connection, you’re much more likely to get a job call than simply handing over a card with your job title on it.


Also the part about sticking around, from the beginning until well after an event has finished and making a conscious effort to be where the people you want to be like are at! Then meeting them face-to-face offering them value and not leaching. Trevor is living proof of how effective networking results in climbing the creative industry ladder.


The writer’s block exercise is a great one too, I’ve been trying this one out myself to get my creativity going, I’d suggest you get out a pen and some paper and try it for yourself. See if you can unlock your emotions, doing so and knowing yourself deeper, will also allow you to know others emotions and connect better, allowing for an improvement in your sales.


Trevor reframes everything, he brings out the best in every ones words, making me rethink, not only what I put down on paper but the words that come out of my mouth when I try to connect with people. So yeah a fantastic episode that I hope you got a lot out of…
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