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Ep014: Jamie Delerict | Addictive Personalities, Meditation and Gratitude

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Jamie Delerict, He’s a singer and frontman of a punk rock n’ roll group JD and the FDC’s also tour manager, driver, merchandise manager and basically a self confessed jack of all trades for a lot of big well know bands and […]

Ep012: Bob Wynne | Networking Without Skipping A Beat

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Bob Wynne. He’s a drum teacher and owns his own music school called Rhythm Inc. In South Yorkshire, UK. He’s been playing drums since the age of 9, so that means he’s been actively involved in music for the better part of […]

Ep010: Bart De Zeeuw | Setting Up Your Creative Day For Success

In today’s episode I’m interviewing my good friend Bart de Zeeuw from www.effectieve whiteboard Originally from the Netherlands, Bart owns a video company specializing in informational sales videos. Those animated whiteboard and typography videos that you will have seen appearing more and more on most landing pages and websites. […]

6 ways to boost your initial interactions and leave a lasting impression.

good one2

You wouldn’t ever ask someone ‘hey, please will you be my best friend’? It would be weird, creepy and you’d probably push that person away by asking a question like that. The reality is people want to spend time with people they trust and like being around. With the exception […]

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