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Bonus Episode – Interview For Sonic Progress

30 March 2015

I recently appeared on my friend Tim Jefferies show Sonic Progress, where i talked about;

  1. Dropping out of university to work the job instead of formally learning it,
  2. My studio assistant roots,
  3. Leaving that job to become a teacher,
  4. Questioning everything and following my gut,
  5. Hating working for the man and going back to studio work,
  6. Getting my own studio,
  7. Not giving up at the first hurdle,
  8. Setting out thoroughly thought out goals and managing yourself to achieve them,
  9. The E-myth – Entrepreneur / Manager / Creative,
  10. International clients,
  11. Not valuing myself, trying to hold onto punk rock ethics and run a business,
  12. Investing in yourself and your business not just equipment and skill,
  13. Mid level bands and splitting up,
  14. Mentors,
  15. Asking for help,
  16. Communicating directly like a boss and avoiding fluff,
  17. Audience building,
  18. Life coaching, self development, relationships,
  19. What makes and breaks success,
  20. Having and building a great network,
  21. Having a contract in place,
  22. Get hands on experience,
  23. Using reference sources and developing your ear.

I fully realise i blabbed on a bit but I hop you enjoyed it, Thanks again to Tim for having me on his show and letting me share my story. You can find out more about what Tim is doing at;



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