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6 ways to boost your initial interactions and leave a lasting impression.

good one2

You wouldn’t ever ask someone ‘hey, please will you be my best friend’? It would be weird, creepy and you’d probably push that person away […]

12 Steps To Conquering Your Depression And Boost Your Creativity

depression blog

Depression is something that is nearly always hidden, especially here on social media. It’s something that sufferers are keen to keep to themselves for fear […]

‘Speak up! How to develop confidence & align business expectations for you and your client.’

Here’s my talk from the Crafty Business Networking event at the Barnsley Civic Cafe on the 15th July 2015, Run by www.BlackBeeCreative.com I talked about […]

How To Avoid Emotional Influence In Your Creative Decisions


In my last blog I explored the idea of thinking without thinking and talked about the positive and negative effects of making spontaneous decisions. This […]

Thinking Without Thinking


Have you ever felt you had to follow your gut on something? If your environment or people around you pushed you in a specific direction […]

Ep005: Richard Middleton | Socially Connecting And Approaching People You Don’t Know | Social Artist, Leeds

  In today’s interview I’m talking with my good buddy Richard Middleton from SocialArtist.co.uk, Richard is a Social Dynamics coach helping people build stronger connections […]

The real reason why I hardly ever use my diary.


Planning has never been the strongest tool in my arsenal. Ask most people I’ve worked with and they’ll tell you they don’t know when they’ll […]

Do the ‘did’ instead of the ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’.

one thing

As an entrepreneur of multiple ventures – music production, producing several top podcasts in iTunes, coaching multiple clients, active administrative roles and contributing to various […]

Ep004: Alex Fitzpatrick | Running The DIY Hardcore Label | Holy Roar Records, London

In todays episode I’m talking with my good buddy Alex Fitzpatrick from Holy Roar Records.   HR is turning 10 years old pretty soon and […]

Ep003: Will Bowerman | Session Drumming And Networking Around The World PT.2 | L.A./UK

Todays interview is pretty awesome, last week I was out in Los Angeles both for business and a bit of relax time. While I was there […]

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