Ep003: Will Bowerman | Session Drumming And Networking Around The World Pt.1 | L.A./UK

Todays interview is pretty awesome, last week I was out in Los Angeles both for business and a bit of relax time. While I was there I got to have an awesome catch up with my good buddy William Bowerman, He’s is a international session drummer mostly known for his […]

Modern People With Modern Technology

press pause

It’s true, give someone a hammer and they can smash the shit out of some nails but that won’t make them Karen Carpenter will it…?   I’ve just been blown away by watching the film ‘Press-Pause-Play’ by David Dworsky and Victor Kohler. It’s about the last 10 years of creative […]

I Was An Accident


The control room horse blinkers, a lack of energy and drive, a result of lacking lifestyle balance. Time to F-R-E-S-H-en up your creative lifestyle.   As creatives we strive to meet one important expectation in our work – to produce awesome results. Not a problem, most of us don’t lack […]

Ep002: Tom Crawshaw | Avoiding Burn Out & Allowing Freedom In Your Businesses | PT Mastermind

In this episode of the podcast I’m interviewing my good buddy Tom Crawshaw of PT Mastermind, He’s a no1. Selling author on amazon with his book for fitness professionals and Facebook leads. He helps the business growth of fitness’s entrepreneurs and turns what they are doing into large scalable, sellable […]

You Don’t Have To Be A Genius. Just Be Regular, Like Bran Flakes.

show your work

Eat them everyday and you’ll deliver a bit easier.   The burning question from every creative entrepreneurs mouth is “how do I get noticed?” The real answer always comes as a harsh blow when I reply “Your audience has to notice you!” You need to be so good that you […]

Resistance Is lying & Always Full Of Bullshit!!

war of art

Getting it will come packaged with so much fear that it will have you standing frozen like the proverbial rabbit in headlights. That’s one squished dead rabbit.   I’ve been reading a book called ‘The War of Art: Break through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Inner Battles’ by Steven […]

Ep001: Matt Elliss | Building A Recording Studio & Becoming A Pro Producer | Axis Studio Doncaster

In this episode of the EWD podcast I’m interviewing my good buddy Matt Elliss, he owns a successful recording studio located in Doncaster the north of England. We are going to be talking about a few things that can easily be implemented into any creative business not just recording studios, […]

Bonus Episode – Interview For Sonic Progress

I recently appeared on my friend Tim Jefferies show Sonic Progress, where i talked about; Dropping out of university to work the job instead of formally learning it, My studio assistant roots, Leaving that job to become a teacher, Questioning everything and following my gut, Hating working for the man […]

How Creative Businesses Fail… Well, Most Of The Time!


The black clouds appear… You eventually get the nearest life-sucking equivalent job and everyone rejoices. Recently I’ve been re-reading one of my favourite books, ‘The E-myth Revisted’ by Michael Gerber. It’s THE book that inspired me to create Endless Wave Dynamics. It not only opened my eyes to seeing business […]

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