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Ep001: Matt Elliss | Building A Recording Studio & Becoming A Pro Producer | Axis Studio Doncaster

1 April 2015

In this episode of the EWD podcast I’m interviewing my good buddy Matt Elliss, he owns a successful recording studio located in Doncaster the north of England. We are going to be talking about a few things that can easily be implemented into any creative business not just recording studios, things that are super important to starting out your business and to your growth into being a successful professional.

Things like;

1. Getting started by removing the envy and the ‘wannabe’ mentality

2. Employing your self by being disciplined in your actions

3. Striking a healthy work / life balance,

4. Rest time for you and your clients, a fresh perspective of the project.

5. Beating out the competition by bettering your references

6. Equipment means nothing, the skill is everything



I think whether you’re a designer, photographer writer or a musician we can value a bit of rest time in our hectic schedules. Implementing discipline goes a long way to increasing our productivity and strangely enough increases client comfort which is kind a counter intuitive one. I loved the competition referencing bit and the bit about equipment the skill is definitely more important than tools. Thumbs up for me on that one. I’m glad matt could find time to share his pragmatic approach to being a creative,


Check out the links to find out more about matt and axis studios

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